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This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Good luck, bad Birthday Horoscope Happy birthday!

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People born on December 17 Zodiac tend to say exactly what they mean, and they expect others to do the same. Success to them is something that can be measured in concrete terms and, as a practical realist, they garner a good deal of responsibility and a reputation for honesty and hard work. With the courage and vitality to achieve almost any goal they set for themselves, these people are doers rather than thinkers.

What interests them is facts, results and actions, not dreams, debates or theories.

December 17 Sagittarius Personality

Everything is focused on what can be achieved or produced right now; this ability to concentrate only on what is before their eyes means they can achieve spectacular results. Although the friends and family of these people value their sincerity and steady temperament, social involvement with others can be an area of confusion and difficulty for them.

Their organizational skills mean that they are excellent at keeping in touch with old friends, but somehow true intimacy may prove elusive. Until the age of thirty-four there is an emphasis on practical issues, and a need for order and structure in their lives. After the age of thirty-five there is a turning point when they may want freedom or to be more experimental in their approach to life. Although this is disorientating at first, they will ultimately find this change of emphasis liberating. Above all the key to their success and happiness will be their ability to introduce a spiritual dimension into their lives, because this will give them the sense of certainty, truth, order, and wonder that they have always been seeking.

People born on December 17 Zodiac are sensual individuals who thrive in the company of intelligent, enterprising people like themselves, and they will not be short of friends.

December 17 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

They believe in long-term relationships and seek someone whom they can trust and settle down with. It is the course of action and the foundation that needs to be built that defines outcomes in their life, and the forceful energy of Uranus will only be productively used if they set up a basis for all the things they wish to build. Grand moves will take a lot of primal energy and no matter their incompetence or lack of experience, time gives them the stamina and strength needed to succeed.

The Moon governs those born on the 17th of December, giving them emotional clarity over time and a task to cleanse their heart of residues so they can tenderly approach their own needs. Instead of their usual pushy approach, a lot of love, intimacy and dedication to emotion is needed in order for them to reach the point of personal satisfaction. They are to open their heart, not get tied to any feeling along the way, free to express it in all purity, inviting joyous circumstances into their life.

Born December 17

The world has a lot to offer to someone born on December 17th, but the stress of being themselves and circling around their own mind might make their close relationships a bit difficult, especially at a young age. Loss of stability is to be expected, followed by too many opposing opinions and attitudes between them and the person they are attracted to.

December 17 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

They need to be with a good friend, someone who will allow emotions to flow being on a safe and logical personal distance that gives both of them enough freedom to move. Divorces and tough breakups could happen in their life, teaching them about opposing qualities they carry within, and it is important that they do not entirely dismiss emotions from the past, but acknowledge and respect them in clear continuity. Reaching the level of personal freedom that they seek, they open their heart for a friend, someone willing to go on a shared adventure, surprising them every day and sharing love that is above all other contacts in their lives, pure and honest just as it is.

Sagittarius representatives born on the 17th of December are very good in abstract and symbolic research, work that is out of the ordinary and needs to be done fast, and all those issues that require modern technology and higher understanding of natural phenomena. They are computer scientists, programmers, engineers and pilots, those who wish to look at the stars as astronomers or astrologers, standing out with ideas that need to be patented and brought into some sort of electronic form to inform and be used by a number of people.

December 17 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Chrysanthemum stone is a wonderful choice for people born on December 17th, sparking their curiosity, encouraging awareness of synchronicities in life and bringing good luck. Each of these crystals is unique and different from all others, carrying a calming energy that allows one to find their center of being. It brings childlike happiness into their life, teaching them how to be fully present in the now instead of thinking too much about the past or the future. Someone born on the 17th of December enjoys all sorts of surprises and open-air activities.