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See the table below for an example.

Full Moon for October 12222

On the other hand, seasonal blue moons and zodiacal blue moons routinely occur in the same year and season. But even that is not an absolute. Notice that the and seasonal and zodiac blue moons occur in two different seasons. This seasonal blue moon practice was not common. In fact, it does not appear that any of the other popular almanacs in the United States used this blue moon calculation for the extra Full Moon contained within the season.

In the year , the zodiac sign blue moon two full moons occurring in the same sign within a year and the seasonal blue moon will occur a month apart, July 21 and August 19, respectively. You Must be a Blue Moon Die-hard! Custom Search. September 22 Su Apprx 1 hr pre-Autumn.

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Season Begins. Approx Calendar Date. March 21st. June 21st. So, the "extra" position falls to the second or third Moon in a season that happens to contain four. Why the third is designated as the "extra" rather than the second remains a mystery—no one seems to know where the Maine Farmers' Almanac got their Blue Moon rule from.

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One website I found speculates that Full Moons were simply counted as the "first," "second" and "last" of a season, so that the extra Moon defaulted to the third. So: now all that's left to figure out is the beginning and end of the seasons, which is nice and straightforward—right? Seasons are defined by the solstices times of maximum and minimum daylight, in June and December and the equinoxes times of equal day and night, in March and September. These are also the days when the Sun moves into the Cardinal signs: Aries and Libra equinoxes and Cancer and Capricorn solstices. But anyone born near the cusp between two zodiac signs can tell you that the date when the Sun changes signs will vary slightly from year to year.

The Sun actually reaches the vernal equinox position when it moves into Aries anywhere from the evening of March 19 to the early morning of March 22, depending on the year and which time zone you happen to be in. And then there's whether you calculate the equinox by the Sun's actual position or by averaging its position like the Maine Almanac did , or just using a fixed date like the Roman Catholic Church does.

Jan. 21: Full Wolf Moon

Just as time zones can complicate the date of Blue Moons rendered by the "monthly" method, your method of calculating the equinoxes and solstices can sometimes even change which season winds up saddled with the 13th Full Moon. And we won't even go into the Gregorian versus Julian calendar, resulting in different Easter dates between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches!

Suffice it to say that the Roman Catholic Church decided in CE that the vernal equinox, for their purposes, was deemed to reside henceforth on March 21, rain or shine, regardless of what the Sun happened to be doing at the time. And does a Blue Moon have any astrological meaning?

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Nope, none that I've ever heard of. What would make more sense astrologically is to look at the significance of two Full Moons in the same sign , Again, see the table below for examples. When there are two consecutive Moons in the same sign, the second Full Moon will always be in the last couple of degrees in the sign. This alone is significant, since the last degree of any sign is a critical degree. When any planet is 29 degrees "and change" it is in a process of transition from one sign to the next.

It is neither officially in the next sign, nor fully present in the one it's leaving. This can be a frustrating energy, full of anticipation and yearning to get on with it in the new sign, yet held back by unfinished business and the need to do closure in the old sign. It's a bit like walking and being in mid-stride — you haven't landed on your stepping foot yet, and your pushing-off foot is still in mid-push.

You're moving, but you're in a kind of suspended motion in between steps. By the same token, the first of two Full Moons in the same sign will always be in the earliest couple of degrees in that sign. This is also significant, since these early degrees are initiatory energy, especially the first degree of any sign. It's like a newborn babe — innocent and pure; full of potential and bellowing its arrival at the top of its lungs! So this double Moon phenomenon is like getting the alpha and omega of that sign's energy - the burst of new energy and the closure of that energy.

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  • To gain insight into some of the differences between the two Full Moons or New Moons, check out the two charts. The charts will often reveal some of the key differences in how you might experience this alpha and omega effect. For example, the Moon will be making different aspects to other planets in each chart.

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    You could also look to the planetary ruler of the sign involved to see what differences there are in its aspects and placement. Some astrologers feel that two Full Moons in the same calendar month i. My sense is that this might be more about the person's personal experience, rather than the phenomenon itself.

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    Remember, this was originally something that was created to fit an extra Full Moon into the Christian calendar, not an ancient rite. Any direct astrological correlation there might have been with the calendar months would have been lost long, long ago, since the western calendar has been revised and adjusted many times over the centuries. However, each definition yields totally different dates and even different years.

    Going back to our example: The next Blue Moon by the "monthly" definition was July 31, By the older "seasonal" calculation, there hadn't been a Blue Moon since in either August or November, depending on how you partition your seasons and there wasn't one again until August These Moons are listed below.

    In the meantime, here is a table with the dates of these various blu-ish Moons between and Watch for any special effects of these Moons and judge for yourself how they might be interpreted. Note: All times in the table above are in Universal Time.

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    To convert the date and time to your time zone, add or subtract the number of hours you are from Greenwich. And so on. If you're not sure, check out the time zone of your location at TimeAndDate. All rights reserved.

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