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Last but not least: Astromitra. Except this site, none of the other famous Indian astrology sites take it into account when calculates planetary positions and provides astrological predictions. But we are committed to provide as possible as accurate calculations and interpretations of planetary positions in birth chart. Plan your day with our highly accurate astrology program that calculates your daily predictions Instantly. If you are curious to know which planet is transiting in which sign, visit this page and enjoy planetary movement.

Marriage is on your mind? Let an expert Vedic astrologer analyze your horoscope to predict what is in store for you. Your Vedic chart will most likely reflect your real life, and your dashas are probably operating the way they should. The Vedic astrologer looks at these planets, signs and house placements in your chart and can "see" your personality, as well as life events and possibilities—both the good and the bad times in your life. The dashas are then used to determine "when" the events will unfold in the life.

Dashas give a greater predictive accuracy to Vedic astrology than is possible with Western astrology. These "planetary ruling periods," which are unique to this system, give Vedic astrologers a tool for quite accurately predicting the trends, changes, and events in your life with amazing precision. Therefore, Vedic astrologers are less limited to talking about your general overall self and can get more deeply into what's going to happen in your life.

Vedic astrology differs from Western or Tropical astrology mainly in that it uses the fixed zodiac as opposed to the moving zodiac.

What Is Vedic Hindu Astrology?

Currently, the relative or movable zodiac is off out of alignment with from the fixed or real star-based zodiac by roughly 23 degrees, which is almost one whole sign of the zodiac. Because the two systems are skewed from each other by nearly one whole sign, most people's " Sun Sign "—that which you can get from the newspaper each day, is usually one sign back when the chart is refigured using Vedic astrology.

So, the first surprise of using the Vedic system is that you no longer belong to the Sun Sign you always thought you were. However, if you were born in the last five days or so of the Western sign month, then you will probably still be the same sign in the Vedic system.

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Having a hope to endorse the Vedic sciences practices, Vinayak Bhatt dreamed for Vedicgrace foundation that assists a person who is committed to performing research based astrology and Vedic Yagya. Now, the aspirant people can look for real and trustworthy consultation and has additionally made the popularity of Indian astrology in the world.

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