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Uranus is electrifying your 10th house of career, drastically influencing your path in life and reputation at unexpected moments. With Jupiter surging through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, has the power to be immensely creative and uninhibited.

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Let go of your fear, embrace the present moment, and allow yourself to interact with the color and music all around you. Mercury will retrograde through your house of death and rebirth, your house of home and family, and your spirituality house.

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Saturn lays the hammer down on your fifth house of fun and pleasure. This transit will teach you how to embrace creativity and spontaneous joy responsibly and effectively. While it can restrict the play, it allows you harness creative sector in a more mature way. Jupiter warms your fourth house of home and family, inducing you with feminine energy and bringing your focus to your intimate values. With Uranus sending lightning through your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, there could be unexpected travel in , as well as drastic changes in your beliefs.

Mercury will move backwards through your partnership house, community house, and house of communication. You'll be understanding your relationship with others in a new way and rethinking your connections. Your fourth house of home and family is being reworked by Saturn.

This year will be about reframing your relationship with your most intimate connections, as well as your ability to care and be cared for. Your feminine and empathetic energy is reforming. Jupiter swirls through your third house of communication, opening up your voice to truth, honesty, and expression. This will induce your ideas with genius, as well as enlarge way you exchange them with others. With Uranus electrifying your eighth house of reincarnation, there may be dramatically unexpected ends and powerful new beginnings.

Mercury will retrograde through your work and health house, your career house, and your house of finances. This year will rework your relationship with these practical aspects of life, showing you the results of your decisions. Your third house of communication is being disciplined by Saturn. You're learning how to connect with your voice on a deeper and more effective level, as well as channel your greatest thoughts. Jupiter expands on your second house of finance and possessions, making this an excellent year for earning more money and establishing the life of comfort that you need.

With Uranus shooting lightning into your seventh house of partnerships, there may be dramatic shifts in your closest relationships. However, you will also be a magnet for interesting people. Mercury will retrograde through your house of creativity, house of adventure, and house of the self, you're in for a wild ride of intense energy. You're understanding how you can live life to the fullest.

Saturn reinforces your second house of finance and possessions. This year is about creating the relationship with money and comfort that you desire as Saturn proves that you reap what you sow. Jupiter expands upon your first house of the self, brightening your energy and catapulting you into everyone's minds. You are embracing the trust version of yourself and taking action that purely reflects who you are.

With Uranus transforming your sixth house of work and health, there may be radical changes in these aspects of life, causing you to rethink what you've been putting your energy on.

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Your family house, reincarnation house, and spirituality house will receive Mercury retrograde's confusion. It's time to face the darkness in your soul as well as the light. This year will show you what your true feelings are. With Saturn in your first house of the self, this year is about taking yourself seriously and becoming the mature, disciplined adult that you're ready to become. You're learning how far your responsibilities reach.

Jupiter opens up your 12th house of spirituality, taking you on a journey through your deepest secrets and your innermost consciousness. Prepare to experience so much insight and imagination. With Uranus pushing through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, this a time in which chaos and random whirlwinds of lust and romance may overtake you. The universe will invite unexpected sparks of inspiration.

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Mercury will roll backwards through your communication house, partnership house, and your community house. This year is about understanding how you connect with others and how you connect with them. Saturn is trudging through your 12th house of spirituality, forcing you to come to terms with your relationship with yourself, when you're alone.

You'll be asked to connect to a higher understanding of the universe and how you exist in it. Jupiter twirls through your 11th house, creating a juxtaposition with Saturn, because you'll be socially connecting with others with energy and ease. As Uranus breaks through your fourth house of home family, there could be many changes in your most intimate center of life, changing your core values and needs. Mercury will retrograde through your finance house, your work and health house, as well as your house of career, you're being forced to learn how to work for what you receive in life.

Your 11th house of community is being taught lessons by Saturn. This will cause you to rethink your social circle and the way you relate with others. You may be drawn away from certain people, and drawn closer to others. Jupiter enhances your 10th house of career, making this a major year for your accomplishments and upward climb. There could be a lot of recognition for your work in However, Uranus causes disarray in your third house of communication, leading to random shifts in the way you think and express your thoughts with others. Mercury will retrograde through your house of personhood, house of self-expression, and house of higher wisdom, leading you to reshape the way you see yourself and the way others see you too.

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Expect excitement, more energy, and a willingness to give just as much as we desire to receive. Happy Birthday! This month is about celebrating you—pamper yourself with love and admiration so that you don't need it from anyone else. August 7, 8, and especially August 14th are noteworthy days. Mark on your calendar! The Full Moon on August 15 means letting go of that which no longer feels in alignment with who you are.

Rediscover that inner spunk. Your work this month is to maximize your opportunities by stretching yourself beyond the safety net of what you know. Your product: You prefer things that are clean, nude, and barely-there, like this OPI polish. You're spiritually and socially-inclined to help others this month.

One of your innate gifts is helping those closest to you to find the meaning, direction, and purpose in their life; making this a priority this season gifts you an irrevocable inner peace. Your skin is in need of more moisture. Your subconscious feels less threatening this month. Your reputation is getting a big boost and you're being recognized for your talents.

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Enjoy the spotlight and make sure to wear a good SPF! Your planet Jupiter wakes up on August 11! This means that you'll feel like your old optimistic self again. This month is focused on travel and rediscovering what you truly believe in—what makes your heartbeat more passionately. Your product: Try something stimulating and new, like this tool. It cleanses your skin, provides a firming massage, and blends your makeup to match your new state of mind.

Try to be a little easier on yourself this month. Challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone of controlled circumstances and watch how easily positive results manifest. The Full Moon in your sign on August 15 is reminding you to be yourself and to share that proudly with those around you. By focusing on creatively managing your time, you are able to move mountains. The New Moon opposite your sign on August 30 magnifies positive results from all the hard work you've been doing.

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You've grown big time this year and you're ready to share that with others. Your skin is craving something gentle, soft, and magical. You are worth every penny. This month is about spending more time and energy on you. Speak from the heart, act from the heart, play from the heart. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30 gifts you exciting news!

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